Keep Your Powder Dry

March 19, 2009

The shot heard round the world
Led to freedom ringing clear
We’ve kept the fire burning bright
For two hundred plus years
Now the tide has turned agin us
Our freedom is being sold
Where is the courage we once had
The patriots so bold?
A once great country gasps her last
She withers in the field
As government crawls up your ass
Lady Liberty does yield
So is this it, oh shall we quit
Should freedom fade away
Is this the final curtain call
Has freedom seen its day?
Hell no I say as I rise up
My rifle in my hand
I’ll not lose my liberty
I’ll not lose my land
So stand with me brave patriots
Stand against the rushing tide
No longer shall we silent stand
No longer will we hide
No longer will their words hold sway
No longer will they steal
The freedom God has given us
No longer will we yield
We stand atop the parapets
Our trumpets blowing loud
To spread the truth of Freedoms Call
Throughout the gathering crowd
Grab your coat, pick up your gun
Take up the battle cry
We’re ready for the coming war
So keep your powder dry


finally moving in

February 7, 2009

I am finally going to start posting here…..keeping the blogspot as a back up and because I love the layout

W.A.R. is on the horizon

June 25, 2006

Don't say you weren't warned!!!!

Mt. Soledad Goes To Supreme Court

June 24, 2006


Yesterday evening the City Attorney in San Diego along with Mayor Jerry Sanders decided to take the Mt. Soledad case to the Supreme Court of the United States. I have already assembled one of our Supreme Court teams to file briefs on behalf of the Members of Congress that we represent, as well as ACLJ Members across the country in this important case. It appears at this time that the City will be asking for both a stay of the Ninth Circuit decision as well as a petition for writ of certiorari. The stay of the decision will allow the monument to remain while the litigation is pending at the Supreme Court. The petition for certiorari will ask the Court to grant plenary review of the Ninth Circuit decision.

Generally, under Supreme Court practice, the Circuit Justice in charge of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has the authority to grant the stay. In this case, the Circuit Justice is Anthony Kennedy. Justice Kennedy can either grant the stay, deny the stay, or refer the stay to the entire Supreme Court for determination. It takes five votes to obtain a stay. In order for the case to be reviewed by the Supreme Court on the merits, it only takes four votes.

Read more about the background on this, and sign the petition asking President Bush to take the land under the federal government’s powers of eminent domain.

Minorities Cannot Be Racist

June 22, 2006

Or so claims the stupid bitch in the video that is linked in the title.

Webtback, Nigger, Kike, Wop, Honky, Cracker, Spic, Chink…….these are words that divide and insult, but also words we have the right to use.

Most people don’t say these words anymore, especially if they are whi…err, Caucasian, because someone will generally get angry with them.

So why is it that “people of color” as they so euphemistically call themselves, seem to be able to use them at will and never get taken to task?

I don’t think the woman in the video should be fired, or sent to a “diversity class” or anything else. I do think she needs a lesson in the history of the U.S.

I find it ironic that the very same country that is set up for her to become a lawyer and a teacher and gives her opportunities that she would likely not have in any other country in the world is the one she attacks and vilifies.

If America didn’t exist what do you think the chance is that she would be a barefoot and pregnant housewife in the middle of some God-forsaken desert in the middle of Mehico popping out kids and rolling tortillas?

Viva la revolucion my ass.

ACLU Stays True To Thier Roots

June 21, 2006

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Hat tip: Danegerus

The American Civil Liberties Union asked a federal judge to stop the Miami-Dade County school district from removing a series of children’s books from its libraries, including a volume about Cuba which depicts smiling kids in communist uniforms.

The ACLU and the Miami-Dade County Student Government Association argued in a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Miami on Wednesday that the school board should add materials with alternate viewpoints rather than remove books that could be offensive.

Last week, the board voted 6-3 to remove “Vamos a Cuba” and its English-language version, “A Visit to Cuba” from 33 schools, stating the books were inappropriate for young readers because of inaccuracies and omissions about life in the communist nation.

The book, by Alta Schreier, targets students ages 5 to 7 and contains images of smiling children wearing uniforms of Cuba’s communist youth group and a carnival celebrating the 1959 Cuban revolution. The district owns 49 copies of the book in Spanish and English.

To the ACLU it doesn’t seem to matter that the books are misleading, inaccurate, and inappropriate for this age group. It doesn’t matter to the ACLU that the book is pure propaganda. To the ACLU it is a book ban. It just so happens that the message portrayed in the book seems to go along with their founder’s beliefs.

“I have been to Europe several times, mostly in connection with international radical activities…and have traveled in the United States to areas of conflict over workers rights to strike and organize. My chief aversion is the system of greed, private profit, privilege and violence which makes up the control of the world today, and which has brought it to the tragic crisis of unprecedented hunger and unemployment…Therefore, I am for Socialism, disarmament and ultimately, for the abolishing of the State itself…I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class and sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal.”

~ Roger Baldwin-founder of the ACLU~

Here is another one from Mr. Baldwin.

“Do steer away from making it look like a Socialist enterprise…We want also to look like patriots in everything we do. We want to get a good lot of flags, talk a good deal about the Constitution and what our forefathers wanted to make of this country, and to show that we are really the folks that really stand for the spirit of our institutions.”-Baldwin’s advice in 1917 to Louis Lochner of the socialist People’s Council in Minnesota.

I’m sure the ACLU’s founder would be proud of the ACLU’s move to protect the propaganda of his ideology. The ACLU’s main point of argument is that banning one point of view is the wrong way to deal with the situation is lost when it is five year olds potentially being exposed to this crap. To the ACLU this is nothing more than a book ban, and they are asking the school to include more alternative views instead of banning unpopular ones. No one has to ask if they would fight this hard to keep a Bible in the school library, or whether their strength would be focused on getting rid of it. Take this however you want, but the ACLU has never strayed very far from its founding principles.

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I Cannot Say It Any Better Than This

June 21, 2006

just click the title will ya?

Two Weeks To Launch

June 20, 2006

Now, in these final days before launch, life is hectic. Having secured equipment, show hosts and all of the necessary sundries that go into such an undertaking, (including a matched set of Law Dogs, you know the kind, big brass balls, huge fangs, eat-steel-and-piss-napalm-chew-out-your-nads-and-make-you-wish-I-had-never-been-born Law Dogs) I find that these last days are swamped with little details.

Once we launch maybe life will settle into a quiter routine, but I doubt that also. My hosts are chomping at the bit, straining at the ropes and restless in the gate. Some dumbasses seem to think that Wide Awakes Radio is Cao’s undertaking. Not so. It’s mine. The fact that Jack Idema will have a show on this network really bugs the stoopidpats, that stalwart band of Columbia Communists that steal school resources for their countless and baseless attacks on Idema, Cao and all of our patriotism in general.

Emporer Misha, our Dark Imperial Lord of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is smiling evilly and chuckling darkly at the thought of the mounds of roasted moonbats that all of us will soon be feasting on, in a metarphorical sense, and frankly I don’t expect anyone that stands against The Emperor to have the balls to call him and argue, ever.

My friends, Wide Awakes Radio will be an outlet of rational right thinking talk, that truly focuses on what you care about. Unless you are a leftist twit. In that case it is simply going to be one more chance for you to prove your cowardice and thr narrow focus of your indoctrinated little head.

In the words of that most Immortal of Philosophers, Al Bundy, “Let’s rock!!!”

Al-Qaeda Had Plans To Release Poison Gas In NY Subway

June 17, 2006

According to Time who gets the info from a book excerpt.

Al-Qaeda terrorists came within 45 days of attacking the New York subway system with a lethal gas similar to that used in Nazi death camps. They were stopped not by any intelligence breakthrough, but by an order from Osama bin Laden’s deputy, Ayman Zawahiri. And the U.S. learned of the plot from a CIA mole inside al-Qaeda. These are some of the more startling revelations by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ron Suskind, whose new book The One Percent Doctrine is excerpted in the forthcoming issue of TIME. It will appear on early Sunday morning.

U.S. intelligence got its first inkling of the plot from the contents of a laptop computer belonging to a Bahraini jihadist captured in Saudi Arabia early in 2003. It contained plans for a gas-dispersal system dubbed “the mubtakkar” (Arabic for inventive). Fearing that al-Qaeda’s engineers had achieved the holy grail of terror R&D — a device to effectively distribute hydrogen-cyanide gas, which is deadly when inhaled — the CIA immediately set about building a prototype based on the captured design, which comprised two separate chambers for sodium cyanide and a stable source of hydrogen, such as hydrochloric acid. A seal between the two could be broken by a remote trigger, producing the gas for dispersal. The prototype confirmed their worst fears: “In the world of terrorist weaponry,” writes Suskind, “this was the equivalent of splitting the atom. Obtain a few widely available chemicals, and you could construct it with a trip to Home Depot – and then kill everyone in the store.”

The device was shown to President Bush and Vice President Cheney the following morning, prompting the President to order that alerts be sent through all levels of the U.S. government. Easily constructed and concealed, mass casualties were inevitable if it could be triggered in any enclosed public space.

Having discovered the device, exposing the plot in which it might be used became a matter of extreme urgency. Although the Saudis were cooperating more than ever before in efforts to track down al-Qaeda operatives in the kingdom, the interrogations of suspects connected with the Bahraini on whose computer the Mubtakkar was discovered were going nowhere. The U.S. would have to look elsewhere.

Conventional wisdom has long held that the U.S. has no human intelligence assets inside al Qaeda. “That is not true,” writes Suskind. Over the previous six months, U.S. agents had been receiving accurate tips from a man the writer identifies simply as “Ali,” a management-level al-Qaeda operative who believed his leaders had erred in attacking the U.S. directly. “The group was now dispersed,” writes Suskind. “A few of its leaders and many foot soldiers were captured or dead. As with any organization, time passed and second-guessing began.”

And when asked about the Mubtakkar and the names of the men arrested in Saudi Arabia, Ali was aware of the plot. He identified the key man as Bin Laden’s top operative on the Arabian Peninsula, Yusuf al Ayeri, a.k.a. “Swift Sword,” who had been released days earlier by Saudi authorities, unaware that al-Ayeri was bin Laden’s point man in the kingdom.

Ali revealed that Ayeri had visited Ayman Zawahiri in January 2003, to inform him of a plot to attack the New York City subway system using cyanide gas. Several mubtakkars were to be placed in subway cars and other strategic locations. This was not simply a proposal; the plot was well under way. In fact, zero-hour was only 45 days away. But then, for reasons still debated by U.S. intelligence officials, Zawahiri called off the attack. “Ali did not know the precise explanation why. He just knew that Zawahiri had called them off.”

The news left administration officials gathered in the White House with more questions than answers. Why was Ali cooperating? Why had Zawahiri called off the strike? Were the operatives planning to carry out the attack still in New York? “The CIA analysts attempted answers. Many of the questions were simply unanswerable.”

Read the whole thing.

Allah Pundit says the point to take away is Al Qaeda has crude WMD capabilities. Have a great evening!

Suitably Flip feels better and better about that 40% cut in New York’s federal anti-terror funding.

AJ Strata wonders if Time and Suskind expose a critical US intelligence asset inside Al
Qaeda’s organization simply to make money? It seems likely – sadly.
But hey, I’m sure they think it was worth the Pulitzer.

I wonder if this will change the ACLU’s mind about random searches in the NY Subway. Time says they will have more tomorrow, but the main question will remain: Why was it called off?

Jeff Goldstein:

My preliminary thoughts are these: whatever you happen to feel about George Bush, one thing is clear: When it comes to defending the homeland against al Qaeda, he has not hesitated to act in the decisive way he and his advisors see fit. To that end, he has proven himself unafraid to use substantive military force, and largely immune to the opinions of both the western media and international elites. Whether or not this factored into al Qaeda’s thinking is dubious. But I have long believed that one of the reasons we haven’t seen the kind of attacks here that we see in, say, Israel, is that the US, should it ever decide to go on the full offensive, cannot be restrained—particularly if public opinion shifts toward a desire to see the enemy eradicated, even if doing so requires a shift in the collective moral calculus of the nation.

Macsmind reminds us that we should take this news with a grain of salt.

Back in 2004, Powerline caught Suskind perpetrating a hoax with his hit book on Bush, using proven liar Ex Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neil as a witness.

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The Latest Immigration Poll from Texas

June 16, 2006


Forty-three percent of all TEXANS say that immigration is a serious problem.

The other 57 percent said, “No hablo inglés”